Alliance Alive World
Battle Basics

Use your party of up to five members in turn-based command battles. The battle system emphasizes tempo and allows you to speed up battles up to 4x. You can change your equipment, party size, and formation in the menu. Battles break out when you come in contact with roaming monsters in this Symbol Encounter system.

Battle Preparation
Battle Formation Menu Equipment Menu
Symbol Encounter
Battle Formation Menu Equipment Menu
Turn Based Command Battle
Turn Based

Only Daemons, Beastfolk, and monsters are able to use “Sorcery.” Humans generally can’t control it, since being able to use Sorcery is an innate trait.

Vivian Casting Spell
Beastfolk Casting Spell
Learning Sorcery
Store With Sorcery

You can purchase Sorcery spells from Beastfolk. NPCs that sell Sorcery spells will display a Sorcery icon as you approach them.

Spell Shop Menu

You can learn Sorcery by choosing a spell to purchase and a character to learn it.

Sorcery Examples
Pyrokinesis Pyrokinesis

Attack an enemy by lighting them on fire.

Ice Shark Ice Shark

Create an ice shark that travels through the ground in a linear path to attack enemies.

Astral Armor Astral Armor

Use Sorcery to increase all of your defenses.

Spell Outfit: Sorcery Sword Spell Outfit: Sorcery Sword

Create and equip a "Grimoire Sword" using Sorcery. You can use it on your next turn, and it disappears when the battle ends.


Use strategy in battle by placing player characters in Lines and assigning them Positions. The Formation differs, based on the number of members in your party. It can be changed at the beginning of each turn.

Formation Menu Formation Menu Formation Screen

Player characters stand in Lines during battle. There are three types: “Front,” “Middle,” and “Rear.” Enemies are placed in Lines as well. Their placement compared to your characters affects the damage of attacks.

Formation Menu Rachel Targeting

Positions are the roles that player characters take during battle.

Attack Guard Support

These are the three different types of Positions, and each Position has different effects.

Formation Menu Tactics Menu
Battle Chain

When you come in contact with an enemy while there are multiple enemy symbols nearby, a Battle Chain will occur. After winning the first battle in a Battle Chain, you'll enter a series of battles based on the number of nearby enemy symbols.

Renzo Attacking In Battle In Battle Result Screen
Ignition And Final Strike

During battle, the characters’ determination increases depending on their actions, resulting in a state called Ignition. During Ignition, they’ll be able to use an ultimate attack called Final Strike by sacrificing their equipped weapon.

Ignition Ignition Final Strike Menu Final Strike In Use
Ignition Gauge

During battle, you’ll reach an Ignition state if the gauge in the bottom screen fills up when receiving enemy damage, attacking an enemy, or an ally gets knocked out.


The gauge fills up in real time during battle.


You enter Ignition when the gauge reaches the max limit.

2nd Ignition

By learning specific Talents, you can upgrade to “2nd Ignition.” During 2nd Ignition, your Arts and Spells will increase in power. You'll be more likely to Awaken, but your SP consumption will also increase.

2nd Ignition 2nd Ignition 2nd ignition Menu 2nd Ignition In Action
3rd Ignition

Reaching “3rd Ignition” also seems possible, but the way to achieve it is still unknown.

3rd Ignition 3rd Ignition
Examples Of Arts That Can Be Learned Through Awakening

The Final Strikes differ, depending on the weapon you have equipped.

Sword Infinite Cross Sword Infinite Cross

Slash an enemy, forming a cross, with all your might.

Greatsword Razor Blizzard Greatsword Razor Blizzard

Pour your heart and soul as you strike your greatsword, scattering fragments that slash an enemy from all directions.

Axe Crush Beat Axe Crush Beat

Focus all your might into your axe and smash an enemy with a single blow.

Spear Final Impale Spear Final Impale

Pour your heart and soul into your spear, gripping it with both hands to stab an enemy.

Staff Reprieval Staff Staff Reprieval Staff

Slam your staff to the ground, breaking the gem at the tip to release its power. Replenishes HP of all allies.

Bow Stray Arrow Bow Stray Arrow

Shoot an arrow imbued with the spirit of the ancient hunting god Reshef, breaking the bowstring, to accurately strike a target.

Shield Hard Smite Shield Hard Smite

Pour your heart and soul into your shield to attack an enemy.

Cannon Full-Auto Slugs Cannon Full-Auto Slugs

Attack all enemies with three consecutive shots that surpass its pressure limit.


As you progress through the story and fulfill special conditions, you’ll be able to activate a support move called “Reinforce.” This requires your character to use a Final Strike while there are other characters who share the same Position. Reinforce allows you to deliver a series of powerful attacks to the enemy. The power of the Final Strike increases, depending on how many support characters are used for Reinforce.

(The support attacks of other characters in Reinforce won’t count as their turn.)

How To Use Reinforce
Store With Sigils

Select Final Strike during Ignition.

Spell Shop Menu

Characters that can provide support in Reinforce are displayed when choosing the target.

Store With Sigils

By choosing a Formation where all members use the same Position, you can increase the number of support characters for Reinforce.

Spell Shop Menu

Reinforce occurs once a character’s Final Strike is activated.

Spell Shop Menu

The characters providing support in Reinforce then attack in order.

Store With Sigils

The longer the series of attacks, the greater the number of hits.

Spell Shop Menu

Using more characters to support Reinforce will increase the power of the Final Strike.

Store With Sigils

A support attack of up to four people occurs.

Spell Shop Menu

Once the support characters finish their attacks, the Final Strike is delivered along with the Reinforce, resulting in a tremendously powerful attack.