Alliance Alive World

There are seven types of weapons: Sword, Greatsword, Axe, Spear, Staff, Bow, Shield, and Unarmed. All characters are generally able to equip any weapon.

All Weapon Information
Sword Information Greatsword Information Axe Information Spear Information Staff Information Bow Information Unarmed Information Shield Information

By using Talent Points, which can be acquired when you win a battle, your characters can grow and learn various Talents.

Talent Points Results Screen
Talent Menu
Talent Types

There are three types of talents: Ability, Movement, and Battle.


These Talents affect a character's ability. There's an ability Talent that makes it easier to increase your max HP and SP after battle, and another that increases the SP you recover at each turn.

Status Up Talent Menu

These Talents affect your movement on the map. There's a Movement Talent that makes it easier to avoid enemies on the map and another that lets you purchase items at a discount.

Item Shop Talent Menu

These Talents affect weapons and spells. There's a Battle Talent that lowers the SP consumption of your Arts, and another that increases your chance of learning new Arts upon Awakening.

Talent Menu Talent Being Used

There are Human organizations called “Guilds” spread all over the world. There are five types of guilds. Each type of guild has its own specialties. You’ll be able to use the services of each guild as you progress through the story. Guilds can even help you in battle with support attacks if you fight an enemy near a guild.

Equipment Menu Equipment Menu Sigil In Battle Menu Activated Spell
Recon Guild
Guild Service

Monster Suppression

Lowers the amount of monsters on the map.

Intelligence Menu
Support Effect

At the start of each turn, the "Sabotage" support effect Stuns all enemies.

Sabotage Support Effect
Blacksmith Guild
Guild Service

Crafting Weapons

Crafts weapons and armors to increase the equipment you can use.

Smith Menu
Support Effect

At the start of each turn, the "Blacksmith Guild Cannon" support effect shoots stone bullets at all enemies.

BlackSmith Guild Cannon
Signimancy Guild
Guild Service

Developing Sigils

Develops Sigils to increase Sigils you can use.

Spell Menu
Support Effect

At the start of each turn, the "Signimancy Guild Barrier" support effect increases your defense against physical attacks and spells.

Signimancy Guild Barrier
Library Guild
Guild Service

Record Keeping
and Research

Records information about items and equipment, and analyzes Arts and Spells to increase their power.

Item Menu
Support Effect

At the start of each turn, the "Real-time Analysis" support effect decreases the defense of all enemies.

Real-Time Analysis
Tactics Guild
Guild Service

Developing Formations

Develop Formations to increase the Formations you can use.

Tactics Menu
Support Effect

At the start of each turn, the "Optimal Layout Adjustment" support effect increases the effects of Positions for all allies.

Optimal Layout Adjustment

As you progress through the story, you’ll be able to build Guild Towers. By building Guild Towers all over the world, you can establish a Telegraph (information network) that crosses past the Dark Current, connecting the divided world.

Telgraph Image Guild Messages
Telegraph Tower Inside Telegraph Tower Telegraph Messages
Tower Build
Building Guild Towers
Telegraph Message Telegraph Message Telegraph Message Telegraph Tower Building Tower Build Menu Telegraph Tower Built

As you progress through the story, you’ll start recruiting NPCs for the guilds. Some NPCs you meet throughout the story will volunteer. You can also talk to NPCs in the cities to try and recruit them. By choosing which guilds to assign your NPC recruits, you can expand the influence of any guild you want.

Various Recruiting Guilds
Equipment Menu

By talking to the Guild Girl at the cockpit, you can assign NPCs to work at different guilds.

Equipment Menu

Each NPC is equipped with Talents that enable them to work at certain guilds.

Sigil In Battle Menu

The guild level increases as you gather more people.

Activated Spell

The Ark will grow more lively as you assign more NPCs to different guilds.