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Power Suit - Swan Song


Ark Brionac


Snow Rabbit





This human-powered flight machine is called an Ornithopter, and it’s mostly used in the Rain Realm. You can flap its wings to descend from a higher location to a lower one in the World Map.

Ornithopter Flying

Observe your surroundings before taking flight, so you can find a safe place to land.

Ornithopter Flying

By flapping its wings during flight, you can extend your flight distance.

Ornithopter Flying

If you master the Ornithopter, you can get to higher locations that you’ve never been able to reach before.

Ornithopter Flying

You can sometimes find mysterious spots worth checking out by exploring mountain ranges.

Power Suit - Swan Song

“Swan Song” is a power suit that was developed for battle by Tiggy. Since she isn’t really able to fight on her own, Tiggy rides this to battle monsters. Riding Swan Song will also allow you to enter lava and destroy rock obstacles while on the map.

Swan Song Maintenance

Tiggy perfoms maintenance on the Swan Song in her underground lab in the city.

Swan Song Open Head

Its head pops open when you win a battle.

Swan Song In Lava

In Diver Mode, you can travel through lava.

Swan Song Crushing A Rock

You can crush rock obstacles on the map with Swan Song’s Utility Arm.


Tiggy uses an exclusive "Cannon" weapon to fire projectile attacks.

Swan Song Equipment Screen
Swan Song Canon Preparation Swan Song Using Canon
Cannon Arts

By firing projectile attacks, Tiggy can learn various Cannon Arts.

Swan Song Cannon Arts
Swan Song Cannon Arts
Swan Song Cannon Arts
Swan Song Cannon Arts
Mode Change

By equipping certain gun accessories, Tiggy can switch among three different modes: "Precision," "Blast," and "High Speed." Cannons also have unique Arts that can only be used in specific modes. Changing to the mode that best fits the situation is the secret to winning battles.

Mode Change Diagram Swan Song Cannon Showing
Ark - Brionac

A large-scale Ark, formerly called the “Brionac,” that’s said to have built in the era before the Great Barrier divided the world. The Ark is the player’s base, and it allows you to freely sail across the Dark Current.

Brionac Docked

On the Ark, you can freely sail and explore the sea.

Brionac Sailing

You may even run into a mystrerious island and find yourself going on some unexpected adventures.

Brionac Menu Choices

Since it has an auto-pilot feature, you can always return to a specific location, even if you get lost.

Brionac Sailing

You can also plunge into the dangerous depth of the “Dark Current,” but you’ll be doing so at your own risk.

Ark Interior Design
Brionac Diagram
One Cockpit

The group often holds strategy meetings in the cockpit.

One Rest Lounge

There is a rest lounge below the cockpit, where you can recover your health.

One The Deck

You can also freely roam the deck.

One The Deck

There may be situations where you fight battles on the deck.

Snow Rabbit

The Snow Rabbit is an animal that inhabits the Snow Realm. It's able to leap high enough to reach slightly higher areas on the World Map.

Ornithopter Flying

You can ride on its back and freely roam the World Map.

Ornithopter Flying

On the Snow Rabbit, you can jump and reach slightly higher areas.

Ornithopter Flying

It can even help out in battle with its “Rabbit Charge” attack.

Ornithopter Flying

Finding a Snow Rabbit, though, can be difficult since it usually doesn’t reveal itself to people...


Wyverns inhabit the Crystal Realm. They're referred to as "White Dragons" and fight alongside Humans in aerial battles.

Fighting On Wyvern

You can freely fly the skies of the Crystal Realm in the World Map.

Wyvern Flying

You fight while mounted on the Wyvern during aerial battles.

Wyvern Breathe Weapon

Wyverns attack enemies by ramming into them or using their breath.

Variety Of Wyverns

White Dragons may be allied with the Humans, but there are other types of dragons in the world...