The Legend of Legacy




Avalon is a strange island where elementals can be seen. Four types of elementals create a balance and determine the attributes of the field: water, air, fire, and shadow.

During your journey, you will uncover relics giving you the power to forge contracts with the spirits and alter the balance of the elements. This also gives you access to using powerful magic known as charms.

You can borrow the power of the elementals that you are contracted to and use elemental charms. Charms will become stronger and stronger as you use them.

By communicating with the elementals like this, the heroes are able to stand on equal grounds with monsters that are far stronger than them.

As such, the battles take place in two dimensions: first, the battle taking in the visible, current dimension, and the second, the tug-of-war that happens in the dimension of the elementals to exert influence over this world. This two-dimensional battle system is called a double dimensional battle.

With the elementals by your side, you can stand up against any foe!

Using Charms

The Elemental Scale