Phantom Thief Mask


Steal the Hearts of Corrupt Adults!
From a heinous teacher to a plagiarizing artist, the protagonist and his friends form the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and target those with distorted desires.
A Mysterious App: Use the Metaverse Navigator to Enter a Person's Heart!
With a mysterious app called the Metaverse Navigator, the Phantom Thieves enter the world of Metaverse. Here, they break into Palaces--alternate senses of reality based on the twisted cognition of those with distorted hearts.
Steal the Treasure Deep Within the Fortified Palace!
The physical manifestation of distortion, also known as a Treasure, is hidden deep within the depths of each Palace. Take back the world by stealing the Treasure of corrupt adults!
Defeat Enemies with the Power of Persona!
Threatening beings called Shadows protect the Treasure within the Palaces. Ambush Shadows to gain the advantage in battle! The power of a Persona can be called on to aid the protagonist and his friends within the Metaverse. Awaken to your true potential and defeat enemies with ease thanks to your Personas' abilities!
Infiltrate the Palace in Style!
Each Palace, overflowing with the ruler's ego, has different obstructions that the Phantom Thieves must overcome to proceed. If it looks like you've hit a dead end, try pressing the X Button to climb to higher ground, jump across chandeliers, or even crawl your way through an air duct. Explore Palaces and see what spectacular techniques the Phantom Thieves have to offer.
An Exhilarating Battle System
A new way to turn the tides of battle! The Direct Command system allows you to attack with the single press of a button! Strike at the enemy's weakness and knock them down. This will trigger a 1 MORE, allowing you to continue the onslaught. Keep hitting the enemies' weaknesses to gain the upper hand!
Mementos: Everyone's Palace
Requests will be given to you by your informant from the Phantom Aficionado Website, and it is up to you to accept them or not. These requests will be handled within Mementos, a vast dungeon that changes shape every time you enter it. The twists and turns of Mementos can be arduous, but thanks to Morgana's mysterious powers, the Phantom Thieves can cruise through in the Mona-Car! Hear that engine purr!
New to Persona?
Fusing different Personas together will give rise to new and more powerful ones. Execute your old self to give birth to the new you. Acquire new Personas and become stronger! The Velvet Room offers several services to the protagonist. For example, imprison a Persona for training and it may learn a skill to negate its own weakness!