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Available June 4 , 2019

The Persona-Users Have Been Trapped Within a Movie World.

Does the lone girl they meet there hold the key to everything?

While driving through Mementos, the Morgana Car suddenly loses control!

The Phantom Thieves stumble through a mysterious space and find themselves in an unknown, strange city filled with opponents they've never seen before. They barely escape with their lives by fleeing into a movie theater—with no exit.

Inside this theater, they meet Nagi, a genteel woman with elegant clothes, and Hikari, a quiet and reserved girl, who inform the team that they emerged from the movie screen. It is within the labyrinthine confines of this movie world that other Persona wielders are seemingly guided into meeting one another.

Will the Phantom Thieves ever be able to escape the theater?


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Main Characters

Assemble Your Team

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Choose how to organize your party! Form new bonds and tackle the cinematic mystery!

Map Your Progress

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Make your way through the labyrinths while mapping them out! Your map will make all the difference in navigation! Auto-mapping is available!


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Master the various tactics and mechanics to gain an advantage in combat.

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