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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth


Draw Your Own Map

The Yggdrasil Labyrinth is vast, complex, and filled with countless traps and puzzles. Draw with the stylus to make your map as you go, creating your one and only lifeline to overcoming the great tree's many challenges.

Automap Also Available

Automap is available to save time and streamline the mapmaking process. This setting can be set to ON, OFF, or FULL whenever you please. Choose the setting that fits your playstyle.
Puzzles and Events

Collecting Items

Scattered across the labyrinth are various spots where you can gather materials, mine ores, catch fish, or forage for ingredients. The foodstuffs you collect can then be cooked at numerous campfires throughout the dungeon.

Adventure Episodes

As you explore, you'll experience mini events that grant experience points, depending on the choices you make. Each Adventure Episode has a title and summary to further enhance immersion in the story.

Friends in High Places

During your adventure, you will meet two experienced explorers called Lili the Necromancer and Solor the Harbinger. They'll help your guild from time to time, but they seem to have their own reasons for challenging the labyrinth...
Monsters and FOEs


The Yggdrasil Labyrinth is home to monsters of all shapes and sizes, lurking around every corner to attack unsuspecting adventurers. Shin Nagasawa, a veteran designer in the Etrian Odyssey series, oversaw the creation of an entire bestiary full of deadly creatures, both great and small.

FOE: Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens

FOEs are especially dangerous monsters that make life difficult for countless adventurers in the labyrinth. Because they are visible out of combat, rookie explorers can track their movements on the field to avoid a losing battle. Of course, those who are brave and strong enough to face an FOE are guaranteed a suitably epic reward.
City of Iorys

Explorers Guild

Head to the Explorers Guild to manage your own guild and the adventurers in it. Whenever you wish to register a new character, change a character's appearance, or form a party, simply speak to Guildmaster Egar for anything you need.


The Marketplace is your one-stop shop for buying and selling equipment and items. Selling materials found while exploring increases the variety of available goods. Syrik the merchant can also strengthen your weapons through forging, which adds attack bonuses, stat increases, and new skills. Visit often to gear up between adventures.

Twilight Tavern

At the Twilight Tavern, adventurers accept requests that range from gathering materials to bounty hunting. Completing these quests yield various rewards befitting the challenge. Speak with Mirina the tavernkeeper and other explorers at the bar to gather information and learn valuable hints.

Jenetta’s Inn

Jenetta's Inn is your home away from home. Sleeping lets your party rest, heal, and save the game. Storage space is also available for your extra items. And if you happen to find any animals on your journey (like cows or chickens), Jenetta herself will happily volunteer to watch them. Doing so adds the occasional perk of receiving fresh ingredients.

The Council Hall

Unlike normal quests, the missions assigned by the Arcania Council progress the main story. After completing a mission, report to Prince Ramus in the Council Hall for your reward. Ramus is an avid chef and may teach you a recipe from time to time. He can also record maps you've made and monsters you've fought in the logbook, for posterity.
Battle System
Combat is arranged in two rows on both sides. Combatants who attack from the front row to the back row, or vice versa, deal less damage. Your back row and the enemy's back row are too far apart from each other for melee attacks (summoned allies, such as hounds or hawks, are treated as frontline fighters). Ranged weapons and magic spells, however, bypass these restrictions altogether.
Battles are won by issuing commands during the game's turn-based combat. There are seven basic commands: Attack, Skills, Defend, Items, Move, Union, and Escape. The orders you give to your guild members on their turns will ultimately spell the difference between life and death.
Guild Cards

Exchanging Guild Cards

Once you complete a Guild Card to showcase your customized characters and party formation, you can exchange it with other guilds exploring the labyrinth through StreetPass and QR Codes. Sharing QR Codes online lets you exchange Guild Cards without going through StreetPass.

Chance Encounters

After exchanging Guild Cards with another party, you may run into their registered members during your adventure. You might even bump into an old friend's character! These encounters offer a chance to earn exciting rewards like rare ingredients, special items, and helpful tips that could save your life!