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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Agile warriors who wield rapiers and bucklers. They can fight as evasive tanks, or as quick-hitting attackers.
Alternate Colors
Fencer Skills

Chain Flame

For one turn, performs follow-up stab/fire attacks to the target.

Optic Thrust

A melee stab attack that may blind the target.


May counterattack after evading the target.

Fencer's Legendary Titles
Phantom Duelist

Greatly increases AGI. Learns skills that focus on evasion and agility.

Mastery Skill Examples

Phantom Swords

A mysterious dance that lowers the hit rate of an enemy line.

Deft Thrust

A melee stab attack that raises the user's draw and evade rates.

Chain Duelist

Greatly increases STR. Learns skills that focus on dealing more damage.

Mastery Skill Examples


A melee stab attack. Damage increases with each attack used last turn.

Chain All

Next turn, Chain skills target all enemies and follow-up rate is increased.

The Adventuring Classes to explore Arcania with