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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Mysterious, scythe-wielding reapers. Their grim fighting style conjures deadly Miasma to harvest the souls of their foes.
Alternate Colors
Harbinger Skills

Miasma Armor

Consumes HP to enable Miasma Armor for 3 turns.

Cursed Reap

A melee cut attack on an enemy line that may curse them if Miasma Armor is active.

Soul Gather

For a set number of steps, raises the encounter rate and EXP gained in battle.

Harbinger’s Legendary Titles

Excels at inflicting status ailments while clad in miasma. Deals even greater damage.

Mastery Skill Examples

Temporal Shroud

Sacrifices Miasma Armor, which returns with a melee cut attack at the end of the turn.

Fatal Reap

A melee cut attack that might insta-kill the target.


Excels at supporting allies and weakening enemies. Shields the party while clad in miasma.

Mastery Skill Examples

Eroding Miasma

Lowers DEF of all enemies for 3 turns.

Ephemeral Reap

Dispels all debuffs from an enemy, then cuts the target once per debuff.

The Adventuring Classes to explore Arcania with