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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Eldritch summoners who wield power over life and death. They call forth undead Wraiths to attack enemies or defend allies.
Alternate Colors
Necromancer Skills

Summon Wraith

Consume HP to summon a Wraith with bonus health, either in or out of combat.

Flame Bomb

Sacrifice a Wraith to perform a ranged fire attack on all enemies.

Life Exchange

Sacrifice a Wraith to restore HP to the entire party.

Necromancer’s Legendary Titles
Spirit Evoker

Balances offensive and supportive skills. Focuses on sacrificing Wraiths.

Mastery Skill Examples

Curse Bomb

Sacrifice a Wraith for a chance to curse all enemies.

Tombstone Vice

Sacrifice all Wraiths for a chance to petrify an enemy.

Spirit Broker

Summons Wraiths to deal more damage. Focuses on powerful offensive skills.

Mastery Skill Examples

Gates of Hell

A ranged bash attack. Summons a Wraith with the HP of the attack's damage.

Negative Energy

A ranged almighty attack. Damage raises per foe KO'd in the same turn.

The Adventuring Classes to explore Arcania with