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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Seasoned hunters who wield bows and arrows. They combine attacks with a loyal hound or hawk to bind their prey.
Alternate Colors
Rover Skills

Hawk Whistle

Calls for a hawk, whether in or out of combat.

Wing Thrash

An instant ranged stab attack on 1 enemy, followed by the hawk cutting that line.

Hound Whistle

Calls for a hound, whether in or out of combat.

Aid Command

The hound heals an ally's HP and removes their status ailments.

Rover’s Legendary Titles
Flying Falcon

Specializes in skills that use a hawk. Focuses on archery to hunt many types of monsters.

Mastery Skill Examples

Million Shot

At the start of next turn, randomly targets enemies for 4-16 ranged stab attacks.

Ice Peck

A ranged stab to all enemies, followed by an ice attack from the hawk to all enemies.

Hunting Hound

Specializes in skills that use a hound. Focuses on healing and defending the party.

Mastery Skill Examples

Foot Pierce

A ranged stab to 1 enemy line; may bind legs. Leg-bound targets are then bashed by hound.

Medical Lick

The hound heals random allies' HP, 5 times.

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