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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Melee combatants who master the katana. They can focus on wielding one sword, or train in the use of multiple blades.
Alternate Colors
Masurao Skills

Peerless Demon

When an attack hits multiple times, the damage dealt increases per hit.

Swallow Soar

An instant melee cut that follows up again after the target takes its turn.

New Challenger

Lures in enemies and raises Rare Breed rates. May trigger continuous battles.

Masurao's Legendary Titles
Blade Dancer

Wields up to 4 katana. Specializes in slashing multiple enemies at once.

Mastery Skill Examples

Vast Flourish

A large number of cut attacks to random enemies. Hits once per katana per enemy.


Equip multiple katana at once (up to 4). Normal attacks may hit once per katana.

Blade Master

Wields a single katana. Specializes in one-on-one, close-quarters combat.

Mastery Skill Examples

Bolt Slash

A melee cut/volt attack that deals both slashing and lightning damage.

Triple Strike

1-3 melee cut attacks, each of which may bind the target's head/arm/legs.

The Adventuring Classes to explore Arcania with