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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Wise mediums who commune with spirits that are invisible to the naked eye. They support allies and heal their wounds.
Alternate Colors
Shaman Skills

Aegis Prayer

Raises the entire party's DEF for 3 turns. Number of turns scales with level.


Adds a healing effect to Prayer buffs. Allies receiving a Prayer recover HP.

Dance Oracle

Dispels Blaze/Hail/Bolt Prayer to attack with that element and lower resistance.

Shaman’s Legendary Titles
Divine Punisher

Calls on spirits to smite the wicked. Cancels buffs and debuffs to create new effects.

Mastery Skill Examples

Invoke Gods

Dispels user's buff to hit 1 enemy with a weapon, lowering ATK until the end of the turn.

Mana Oracle

Dispels the party's Blaze/Hail/Bolt Prayer to attack 5 times with that element.

Divine Herald

Calls on spirits to bless the righteous. Excels at providing buffs and healings skills.

Mastery Skill Examples


For one turn, the party may prevent a bind or ailment, at the cost of a buff.

Vitality Prayer

Raises the party's maximum HP for 3 turns.

The Adventuring Classes to explore Arcania with