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Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
Frontline fighters who prefer fisticuffs over weaponry. Their precision punches can bind their opponents' bodyparts.
Alternate Colors
Pugilist Skills

Arm Crusher

A melee bash attack that may bind the arms of its target.

Blood Wrath

When losing HP, may counterattack a random enemy with an equipped weapon.

Devil's Fist

Consumes user's HP to perform a melee bash attack with splash damage.

Pugilist’s Legendary Titles
Barrage Brawler

Trained in landing rapid blows. Focuses on using combo attacks against a single target.

Mastery Skill Examples

Cross Counter

When the user's line is hit with a melee attack, they counter with a bash. May bind accordingly.

Leading Blow

A melee bash attack. Follows up with a bind/ailment skill if target already has a bind/ailment.

Impact Brawler

Trained in landing heavy hits. Sacrifices HP to deal more damage against multiple targets.

Mastery Skill Examples

Soul Crusher

A melee bash attack against all enemies. Damage dealt restores the user's HP.

Death's Edge

A melee bash attack. The less HP the party has, the greater the damage dealt.

The Adventuring Classes to explore Arcania with